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Who is Project Marketing?

My name is David Stead and I have been running Project Marketing since 1991. Prior to that time I built up several years of valuable experience in senior marketing positions at large organisations, such as Agfa, Wimpey Construction and Associated Engineering, but always held a particular interest in looking after the marketing needs of smaller businesses. I took my chance in 1991, setting up my own business working from home as a freelance marketing consultant serving Yorkshire businesses and haven’t looked back since!

…and Who else?

I organise strategic marketing, write copy and generally coordinate matters, but I could not offer a comprehensive marketing service without support. Over the years, I have built up an excellent team of talented freelancers who enable me to provide a marketing outsourcing service to my clients in Bradford, Leeds and local area. High quality graphic design, web design & development, photography, SEO and PPC expertise are all available to me, without the excessive overheads that so many marketing agencies are burdened with. I also benefit from a large network of business associates and friends who provide invaluable help and advice when asked.

Which market sectors?

I have worked with just about any market sector you would care to name – manufacturing, service providers, retail and the professions. The principles of marketing apply to all businesses and organisations; it is simply a case of applying these principles to suit individual goals and requirements. I tend to deal mainly with smaller businesses located reasonably close to Leeds and Bradford, but this is mainly as a matter of convenience and allows regular meetings to take place more readily. However, there is no problem in forging business relationships with companies further afield or with larger organisations, for those which prefer a more direct, personal solution to their marketing requirements.

What is marketing?

There are numerous interpretations and definitions of marketing, but perhaps the simplest has been suggested by the Chartered Institute of Marketing. “The management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.” So marketing is not just about ‘sales’ or ‘advertising’ as many people think, but it does encompass these and many other aspects of business.

What next?

If you feel that I may be able to help, please phone or email me straight away. Even if it is just a chat about marketing, some advice or to discuss any ideas, I will assist in any way I can. Normally, I will begin by visiting you for a meeting, without obligation and without any consultancy charge. My rates are extremely competitive and I believe in giving a personal, professional, value for money service that larger marketing agencies can not match.

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