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The image of your company is more than just ‘gloss’. Brand identity makes a statement to the world about your company, its approach and position in the marketplace. It is therefore essential that your company identity is professionally conceived, designed and presented to your audience.

Designing a new company logo

A strong company logo is the central focus of your company’s brand identity around which all other aspects of your image are built. You may wish to project an impression of being a market leader, of being innovative or particularly responsive to a niche sector, of being environmentally caring or simply being the best.

All your requirements are taken into consideration when we develop your new logo brand. Sometimes customers wish to retain the general look of their existing logo - perhaps it is considered too established and recognisable to be totally discarded - in which case we can adapt or ‘tweak’ the logo into a more modern or impactive design.

Other elements like a company strapline or slogan may be devised and built into or around your new logo and brand identity.

Company stationery design and print

Often stationery is the first item that needs redesigning, either because you have moved location, changed contact details or are simply ready for a reprint. We can assist with:

  • Letterheads
  • Compliments slips
  • Business cards
  • Price lists
  • Advice notes
  • Invoices
  • Technical data

The complete integrated marketing service in West Yorkshire

It is important that every aspect of your marketing communication is consistent. Perhaps it is impractical for everything to be updated immediately, but once your company identity has been determined and designed, a programme of gradual implementation should take place. Vehicle livery, product packaging and so forth should all be adapted over the short to medium term to ensure a consistent, integrated corporate image. I can arrange all design, print and delivery needs for companies in the Leeds, Bradford, West Yorkshire and surrounding areas at a good price, so please contact me for further details.

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