Direct mail campaigns

Despite the onset of technology, direct mail continues to prove itself as an effective way of reaching specific target markets. Whether you want to communicate with existing customers, sell to new prospects or initiate a lasting relationship with new contacts, direct mail may be the ideal solution. I can help you to:

  • Decide exactly what we are trying to achieve, when and how
  • Examine your existing database and assess how it can be improved
  • Research and identify new prospect databases that can be targeted
  • Purchase and integrate into existing company database

A schedule of mailing may then be implemented. I can write copy for personalised sales letters to accompany the company literature or any other information that may be required, organise telemarketing follow up where appropriate and coordinate the campaign on your behalf.

Direct Marketing options and benefits

The objective of Direct Marketing is to elicit a response of some sort, maybe to request more information, visit your website or to place an order. It also assists in the task of updating and cleaning your database, an essential process for any successful company. Direct marketing can take many forms of ongoing communication:

  • Email shots to existing and potential new customers to raise profile and awareness
  • Customer surveys to invite feedback on your company’s performance, products & services
  • Telemarketing campaigns, either stand-alone or as support to other promotion
  • Exhibitions, point of sale contact, face-to-face selling and other elements of an integrated direct marketing campaign

If you are seeking an experienced marketing consultant in the Leeds, Bradford or West Yorkshire region to take care of your direct marketing campaigns, please phone or email me now.