Professional Marketing for Smaller Businesses


Project Marketing


Professional brochures and other company literature are important ways to showcase your products and services to your customers.

  • Company brochures and catalogues
  • Corporate folders with inserts
  • Leaflets, postcards and flyers
  • Newsletters and presentation material
  • Price lists and technical publications
  • Internal documentation and staff manuals
  • All types, styles and print runs

I can advise you on the ideal format to suit your requirements, objectives and budget. Where required, I can organise and direct any photography, either on your premises, on location or in the studio to ensure visual impact and enhance your image. I can also discuss and write professional copy, organise top quality creative design and printing, coordinating the project from start to finish.

Printed material enhances the credibility of your business in many ways…

For most companies, printed material is as important a sales tool now as before the age of the corporate website. In today’s virtual commercial world, professional company literature adds credibility like no other medium - clients can touch it, feel it and know that it comes from a genuine, real business they can trust.

They help to deliver that vital first impression of your company, build a perception of your company values and communicate your proposition to your audience.

Promotional brochures, leaflets etc are flexible and have so many different uses as part of an integrated marketing strategy. They can be:

  • Passed to new enquirers or customers attending exhibitions
  • Used as a sales aid in selling situations
  • Sent in the post to prospects who email or phone
  • Posted as part of a direct mail campaign
  • A PDF version can be emailed or attached to your website

Every effort is made to ensure your sales literature is developed so as not to go out of date too quickly and to last as long as possible. It should also be designed in a consistent corporate style, so that it is easily recognised as your own amongst others in the market.

Newsletters and ongoing communication with your customers

Continuous communication with clients is essential. This may be in the form of occasional newsletters (either printed, emailed or downloaded from your website), so that customers are kept abreast of new products, services, personnel changes or general developments in the industry.

So if you are based in the Leeds, Bradford or surrounding area and thinking about new company brochures, leaflets, newsletters or promotional literature at a competitive price, please contact me for no obligation advice.

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