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The benefits of advertising

Advertising can help you to communicate your message to a wide audience; raise the profile of your company, its products and services; and generate new leads, revenue and profit. Advertising can increase your sales significantly - but it can also be a huge drain on your marketing budget if you are not careful.

You need to be sure of what you are trying to achieve from your advertising campaign and how you can maximise the chances of success. A marketing consultant can help you in a number of ways:

  • Establish the objectives of the campaign and devise an advertising schedule
  • Research the various advertising media available to us
  • Determine which options are appropriate to our goals and budgets
  • Negotiate rates, book adverts and organise design
  • Place the advert, monitor results and adjust advertising campaign as required

Advertising can be anything from a small product advert in the back of a trade directory or a website banner ad, right through to a national newspaper advert costing thousands of pounds. If you are in the Leeds, Bradford or West Yorkshire area and want to run a successful advertising campaign, please make contact.

PR as part of an effective communications strategy

PR can yield similar benefits as advertising, but has the advantage of being free, apart from the time, experience and effort that is needed to create an effective PR campaign. It also benefits from being seen as impartial - an article in a trade magazine about your company or services may carry more credibility than an advert that has been paid for.

As a marketing and PR consultancy based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, I can help to

  • Agree the objectives of PR and develop a strategic plan
  • Research which magazines, papers and websites should be targeted
  • Discuss news stories and ideas for press releases
  • Write, agree and send press release

Other marketing services for SME’s

I can also assist with exhibitions and events; copywriting for presentations and tenders; applying for awards and accreditations; organising and writing copy a multitude of applications, as part of an effective communications service.

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